About Me

Hi! I am an assistant professor at Columbia Business School in the Decision, Risk, and Operations division.

Previously, I was a postdoctoral associate at MIT. I received my PhD in Operations Research from Stanford University, where I was advised by Ramesh Johari and Gabriel Weintraub. At Stanford I was affiliated with the Operations Research group in MS&E and the Society and Algorithms Lab. Before coming to Stanford, I graduated from Pomona College with a degree in mathematics.

Research Interests

My research is centered around the design and optimization of online marketplaces. In particular, I focus on developing statistical methodology for experimentation on these platforms, in the presence of interference. I combine techniques from statistics, causal inference, economics, and operations research to develop theoretical insights for practically motivated problems.

I inform my research with first hand experience working on these platforms. I interned for the data science teams at Airbnb and Opendoor, where I worked on market related causal inference questions.

I also operations research techniques to design accessible education systems, both on the theory and application side. I have worked with the Common App to build data-driven tools to improve the equity and access of higher education.


Email: hannahli [at] gsb.columbia.edu